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We offer an array of dog training and obedience services that we’ll customize to the unique needs of you and your dog.


Our expert dog trainers are here to help you strengthen the bond with your dog. Schedule a complimentary consultation to better understand our process and how we can help you.

Levels K9 Difference

The Premier Full-Service Dog Training Facility In Phoenix, AZ


Our head dog trainer Erik has had a passion for dog training since he was a child! With nearly 20 years of experience from a wide-range of domestic and international training through extensive courses and competition.


Our team is always excited to share our knowledge and expertise to ensure that we meet the unique goals and needs of each client.

State Of The Art Facility

We’re proud to offer the highest quality dog training facility in Arizona.


Our facility is designed to be the most optimal training environment for you and your beloved dog. We encourage you to come by and tour the facility for yourself. For the majority of our clients, our facility is joyful getaway for both dog and owner.

Expansive Training Options

We’ve trained, competed and titled multiple dogs to top levels in a number of different training modalities. We offer world-class expertise with basic & competition level obedience, nosework, sporting and police /
security training.


For each of our training modalities, we have a foundational floor that we use to build upon, ensuring a well rounded training experience for you and your dog.

Our Community

Join our rapidly growing community of local dog owners who are passionate about leveling up their K9 relationship.


Whether it’s a group outing to get coffee, hike, or a shopping trip at an outdoor mall, we believe in the power of community and healthy socialization for all.

Ready to strengthen the bond between you and your dog?

The Best Dog Training Facility In Phoenix

Considered one of the best dog training facilities in Arizona, our kennel suites are climate controlled, video-monitored and provide both indoor and outdoor access. Onsite is a fenced 10,000sqf natural grass training field.

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