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Levels K9 is the leading global provider of fully trained working dogs. Every K9 we offer is hand-picked from generations of a proven bloodline. Our K9’s will offer unsurpassed personal protection while being loyal and safe around you and your family.


Very active 2 year old male.

Very great in bite work, great with nose work, wants to please in obedience.

No aggression issues at all, very self confident.

Comes from a strong healthy working line.

Has BH/Vt (Obedience/Temperament certification)


Currently @ Levels K9
Imported from Germany
Great family dog!

Mitsi is a beautiful Giant Schnauzer!

12 month old female that is very active with great nerves and an overall happy disposition.

She’s just been imported from Germany and is currently living at Levels K9 facilities.

She comes from healthy working and show lines.

Her hips and elbows have been preliminary graded as normal. 

Mitsi could be trained to fit any working modality from high level sport dog to personal protection dog.

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