Dog Training Designed
Around Your Goals & Needs

Levels K9’s mission & purpose is to provide each and every client with the necessary tools to reach “Accuracy & Harmony” with their dog.


We aim to provide the knowledge necessary to both you and your K9, in order to strengthen and harmonize the relationship. By building a specific plan of action set by both owner and trainer together, we are able to exceed both the want and need for a completely transformative training experience. We believe every dog can LEVEL UP! You and your dog can reach “Accuracy & Harmony” too!

Levels K9 Difference

The Premier Full-Service Dog Training Facility In Phoenix, AZ


The first half, radiating clear and concrete objectives with direct solutions and execution. This provides high level skill sprouting from basic foundation. With our business practices and training philosophy running parallel, it’s clear to see the attention to detail in everything we do, because doing it right shouldn’t be surprising to you.


The second half, a tranquil energy that exists between your dog and your household, which comes along with training here at Levels K9.


It’s feeling the confidence radiate from hand to leash to dog, and experiencing smooth and seamless behavior. An exhale if you will. You finally have a connection with your K9 in a way you never thought possible. Coupled with accuracy to produce “Accuracy & Harmony”


Combining a blend of direct, high driven energy with nurturing motivation creates the strong roots we are grounded in today. We believe when you have balance, you arrive at the optimal space for growth no matter which level you chose to start at. We like the little details, because we truly believe they all work together to create not only a wonderful training program, but an exceptional customer experience as well.

Ready To Strengthen The
Bond With Your Dog?

Meet Your Dog Trainer

Erik Freitag

Erik greets you with a wave and a warm smile. With his tattoed rugged exterior, brutal honesty and straight out of NYC approach, you feel relieved to have finally found a trainer that isn’t afraid to tell you like it is. Once the conversation starts, his passion for the dogs becomes glaring.


Erik’s previous experience working with horses, and experience with dogs has allowed him to bond the tranquil and collected energy working with a fear-based animal (horses), with the sharp and intense energy working with drive-based animals (dog). With these energies coupled, Erik is able to reach a level of “Accuracy & Harmony” which he knows is only achievable here at Levels K9. His diligent and grounding energy, gives reassurance that you and your K9 are in good hands.

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