Dog Training Designed Around Your Goals

Levels K9 does not offer cookie-cutter training programs, this is not who we are. Our training services are designed around the unique needs and goals of every client. Whether its basic obedience to personal protection + detection, our dog training experts are ready to help.

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Our Dog Training Offerings

Board & Train

Custom training plans are discussed & laid out in advance.


This is designed to tackle each area of concern in a personalized way!


All board & train clients will require an evaluation beforehand.

Basic Obedience

Our basic obedience training focuses on social, home, and environmental issues from counter surfing, leash aggression  and everything in between!


Manners matter!


All clients will require an evaluation beforehand.

Competition Obedience

Looking to level up your trial results? Focusing on motivation & problem solving, we will tailor a plan that will get you on the Trial/ Competition field with a renewed confidence that you and your K9 partner are competing at the highest level possible.


We work with all Modalities… Schutzhund(IGP), Ring Sports, AKC OB, just to name a few. Remember, Trial Preparation is not the same as Trialing like you Train!

Private & Group Training

Private: 1on1 focus with handler/dog specializing in everything from social skills to high level competition obedience, protection and tracking.


Semi/Group: Services in private & matched with owners & dogs with similar skill sets. We believe you have the ability to learn so much from watching and working with others.

Personal Protection

In today’s world, danger and emergency can strike at any moment.


A Levels K9 Personal Protection Dog can ensure both you and your loved ones are safe, secure and protected, all while fitting in as a member of your family.

All of our training services require an evaluation!

Virtual Dog Training Lessons

Due to overwhelming demand, we offer virtual dog training lessons for domestic and international clients!

From the comfort of your home or backyard, we can provide a comprehensive and personalized training session via Zoom or Google Meet!

Interested in learning more about our virtual training offerings? Give us a call now!

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