Levels K9 Evaluation

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  • Meet & Greet with Erik and an opportunity to view the Levels K9 facility.
  • Custom training plans discussed & laid out in advance
  • Allows for a more thorough assessment of your dog’s issues AND owners abilities & desire to be “involved” in the dog’s success.
  • Discuss training plans that best fit you and your dog.
  • Usually about 60 minutes
  • General focus on identifying key points of struggle and where we need to improve behavior
  • An evaluation session will allow both Levels K9 and you and your dog to lay out a customized plan to meet all your training wants and needs
  • Always sent home with a few free training tips & best practice suggestions.

Have questions about our evaluation process?

Have Questions?

**Please include information about your dog and issues you’re having. All communication is private and confidential.

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